Wounded Hero

Voyage I & II

Against all odds two brothers, Ralph and Bob Brown, attempt to cross the North Atlantic Ocean in the smallest power boat to ever do it, a twenty-one foot open fishing boat (similar to a skiff). They left on their incredible voyage with minimal funding.  They couldn’t even afford insulated gloves and boots while they battled the frigid environment. They weren’t sure how they were going to raise enough money for fuel to finish, much less get them and the boat back home safely.  Many people warned them that they were going to DIE.


This trip was to honor three US Marines (John Harvey, George Holmes, and Dewey Johnson) and the five Air Force heroes who died in Operation Eagle Claw back in 1980 attempting to rescue 52 American hostages in Iran.  Ralph is a former Marine, who was on Standby Red Alert to go with them and take back the Embassy.  When they died, Ralph made a sacred promise that they would never be forgotten.


This is journey is documented in 2 parts:

1. Wounded Hero Voyage part 1

2. Wounded Hero Voyage part 2






Part 1 of the story Chronicles their Journey from Tampa, FL - to the frozen tundra of Greenland.

This book includes over 88 pictures & maps. With only 288 pages it is an easy read with a very  riveting story.

Check out the videos of taken during our voyage


Part 2 of the story chronicles their journey from the frozen tundra of Greenland to the Europe.

This book includes over 90 pictures and 281 pages of great stories.


Actual news footage from the Armed Forces Network