Super Size, Really?

One of the best all time selling documentaries was called Super Size Me.

The documentary about McDonald’s and the so-called unhealthy food they serve.

So I decided to see if this was based on fact or fiction.

Were we Scammed????

Join me as I set out to prove: fact or fiction?

Does fast food really matter? Or have we been made to feel that if we eat fast food we are doing damage to ourselves and our children for all the wrong reasons?

Super Size, Really?

Starting a 30 day diet, on August 21, of eating only at McDonald’s.  My plan is a little different than the guy who did the documentary “Super Size Me!”  I believe that he set out to make McDonald’s look bad, and I am testing a different factor of health, diet, and fast food all together.   I have no more love for McDonald’s than I have for any other fast food restaurant. But since he decided to pick on McDonald’s, I decided to make it fair and use them also(I hope they don’t mind).

There are three major difference’s in his approach and mine.

  1. I do drink soda regularly
  2. I do normally eat meat
  3. I do normally get some type of exercise because of my job (for the next 30 days I will exercise more than normal)

Because I have chosen to make exercise my primary variable. Exercise will be the major difference between the Super Size ME documentary and mine.  

The question I am asking is:

Does exercise help improve your health even when eating McDonald’s?

Join me on my adventure as every meal for the next 30 days with consist of only of McDonalds.  I will eat and drink every thing on their menu at least once during this journey.


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Fact or Fiction?